Dietary Considerations

Our dishes are made-to-order which means we have a lot of control over what goes in your meal. If you have a dietary restriction, please speak with your server. Our two most popular requests are from our guests who are gluten-free (due to allergies, intolerance, celiac disease, etc.) and those who consume vegan diets. It’s important to note that we do not keep dedicated gluten-free or vegan cookware, utensils, or cooking spaces, but everything is washed thoroughly and sanitized between use. For our guests with food allergies, you know your severity better than we do, so please exercise caution when deciding if and when you will be dining with us.

We also offer the option to choose which oil or fat you would like your meal cooked in (if applicable). By default we use vegetable oil, but you also have a choice between coconut oil, duck fat, and pork fat for stir fry, noodle, and rice dishes. Duck fat and pork fat are available at no extra charge, and coconut oil is available for an additional 0.75.

Gluten-Free Menu

Vegan Menu