First Fridays in Downtown York

Join us downtown for First Fridays! Check out what's going on here. Reservations recommended. BYOB.

Esaan To Go!

Lunch is a snap with our ready-to-carry menu. 11am-2pm, Wed-Fri we offer Thai Chili, Squash Soup, Sam’s Bean Soup and our Curry of the Week for $5-$6.50. Combine a hot meal with a fresh salad starting at $3.50. Grab & Go and no waiting! Gluten-free & vegan options available.

Don’t forget gelato for $2.75 or grab a pint of peanut sauce to take home! Click here to view our menu.

Vegan and Gluten-Free Dining

Our dishes are made to order so we control what goes in them if you are gluten-free or eating vegan. Check the icons next to each dish on our menu and speak with your server.

For our dishes made with fish sauce or other animal-based ingredients, we substitute salt, tofu, or vegetables at your request if you are eating vegan.

Our menu is primarily gluten-free, but we indicate on our menu which dishes do contain gluten. When possible, we substitute gluten-free ingredients at your request for these meals.

Read more about our dietary considerations by clicking here.

Gelato at Esaan

Yes, strangely enough, we make Italian gelato right here at Esaan! We feature gelato made with local dairy (non-rBST) as well as with non-dairy options such as coconut and almond milks. Our sorbetto is water-based; another great non-dairy treat that is both delicious and refreshing! We have traditional flavors such as Chocolate and Roasted Almond in addition to our Thai-inspired flavors like Pandan and Coconut.

Stop in and enjoy some Italian gelato at the Thai restaurant in Downtown York, PA!